The very best Dentist period.

Dr. Denise Anderson and all of her crew are the very best I have had the pleasure to work on my teeth.
And when I say that it means that I have had a lot of work done to my teeth and never have had a second thought as to going else where for the work.
As for the root canals and teeth being pulled the Dr’s she refers you to are also in the same great category as she is are are spot on and they treat me just like she does.
I wished that she did everything as I want to give her all of my business.
Basically I would highly recommend Dr. Denise Anderson and her wonderful assistants to anyone specially if your a big baby like me.
She treats you very softly and her voice is very soothing when you are freaking out like I do.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point
Don’t hesitate and get over to her ASAP

Thank you Denise you guys really are the best.

Dayne Feingold